How a professional bookkeeper can help you


Business owners who have QuickBooks and are somewhat familiar with it, may think it is just a matter of data entry. A professional bookkeeper knows how to enter your data so that is it accounted for correctly. Knowing the difference between assets, liabilities, and expenses.

For example if you purchase a new laser printer for your office for $650.00 is that an expense or an asset?

A professional bookkeeper knows how to categorize these items, which means when your CPA is looking at your books at year end all his questions are answered. When your accounting is done properly it will take less time for your CPA to review your books.

Having your businesses books up to date, correctly categorized and reconciled gives your business the financial reports you need to see exactly where you are spending your money and how you can improve your businesses financial health.

As a business owner you want to spend your time in the most effective ways possible. Look at how much time you are spending on bookkeeping. You could be using that time to grow your business. Investing in a professional bookkeeper frees up your valuable time giving you the opportunity to focus on your business goals.

Bookkeeping FAQs